Cyber Attack Leads To $1 Million Bitcoin Heist

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Cyber Attack Leads To $1 Million Bitcoin Heist

The days of robbing banks could be soon coming to an end, especially for computer hackers.

A $1 million dollar Bitcoin heist has just taken place. BIPS one of the largest European bitcoin wallets, was the victim of the attack. Hundreds of Bitcoin consumers that have “held” their Bitcoins with BIPS were the ultimate victims of the attack.

The company released a statement that said the attack compromised “several consumer wallets.” However, it didn’t specify how many accounts were hacked. BIPS’ CEO Kris Henriksen told Mashable that “most of the missing funds were from our company’s own holdings,” but declined to be interviewed for the lack of time. “This is my fifth day without sleep,” he added in an email.

Could this be the first in a large string of Bitcoin attacks? Will the Bitcoins be traced and reversed?

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