Creator of Spying App StealthGenie Arrested


As internet security is beefing up and users are becoming more savvy, the creator of the spying app, StealthGenie has been put to shame.

The mobile app was marketed as a way for spouses and parents to keep track of their loved ones, or perhaps their cheating partner, but the creator has now been arrested.

The owner of the app is now facing criminal charges after the way he marketing and sold the app- naturally, he is the first in the world to face such charges over an app.

The app had the ability to monitor phone calls, texts, videos and other incoming communications without detection, and while the app is not the only one in the genre, it appears that StealthGenie took the fall.

“Selling spyware is not just reprehensible, it’s a crime,” reminded assistant US Attorney General, Leslie R. Caldwell. “Apps like StealthGenie are expressly designed for use by stalkers and domestic abusers who want to know every detail of a victims personal life- all without the victims knowledge.”

The apps website has now been taken down and it appears the app has been removed from the stores.

“As technology continues to evolve, the FBI will investigate and bring to justice those who use illegal means to monitor and track individuals without their knowledge,” stated an officer.

Seems a little rich, coming from people that have been accused of doing the same…..Either way, its a step in the right direction for us all.

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