Comcast Offers Netflix a Direct Connection


Netflix and Comcast have struck a deal which allows the streaming movie and TV service to have their own direct connection to the broadband provider. 

In the last few months connectivity speeds of Netflix has slowed due to companies like Verizon and Comcast demanding more money from Netflix due to their increasing popularity.

Now, it seems that Netflix has struck a deal with Comcast allowing the company to have their own direct access for the first time.

This means that Netflix will deliver it’s movies and TV shows to Comcasts broadband network without having to go through third party providers. The result is a much faster and higher quality connection.

Netflix is also said to be working on similar deals with Verizon and AT&T but no details have been released as yet.

Verizon slowed Netflix speeds by 14 percent in January after they complained the company was taking up too much bandwith due to it’s high volume of users. Verizon was seeking more compensation from Netflix however it seems now that the companies could be in talks to strike a deal.

Over 44 million people use Netflix all around the world making them stiff competition for cable companies and huge resources for broadband companies.

Currently, the FCC is currently looking to regulate “net neutrality” which would stop broadband companies from being allowed to deliberately slow websites or applications in exchange for more money.

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