Amazon Expands their Prime Service to New Heights


Amazon has been working to expand their Prime service to new heights and are now offering faster shipping on more services.

Amazon has been looking to improve the Prime membership experience and have been offering next day shipping on outside services such as AllSaints.

AllSaints is a British retailer and now their products will not only be featured on Amazon but Prime members will also be able to get the faster shipping benefits on the AllSaints site as well.

Amazon is looking to do more of these types of agreements in the near future in order to help expand their reach.

Interestingly enough however, Amazon are only making a referral fee with companies such as AllSaints however, this all helps to add to their revenue stream.

According to sources, the company is also looking to include other US retailers in this service including Abercrombie and Fitch and Neiman Marcus.

Prime members purchase nearly double of what non-Prime members do, so it makes sense for Amazon to make the subscription service as tempting as they can.

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