70% of Snapchat Users Are Women

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70% of Snapchat Users Are Women

A new report shows that over 70% of Snapchat users are women.

The CEO said that out of their 400 million users over 70% are female. This is a surprising statistic for a messaging app where it’s usually a relatively even split.

Although, Pinterest and Instagram are also somewhere around 70% user base, with some reports showing them even higher than 70% in active users.

EvanĀ Spiegel said recently in Vegas that Snapchat is looking to expand its own team, and is aiming to offer the service in new languages, according to theĀ Wall Street Journal.

The service is growing rapidly and with the big press behind the recent $3 Billion dollar offer that was given by Facebook, and subsequently turned down by Snapchat, the service is thriving more than ever.

Competitors are keen on getting into the marketplace, including Facebook who wants a piece of the pie.

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