Baby Monitor on The Go Using Your Smartphone


Many new parents can now download an app on their Smartphone to access their baby monitors.

The same company that brought parents the Wi-Fi scale that can tweet your weight is now introducing the Withings Smart Baby. With their latest device, you will be able to view your baby by simply downloading an app onto you iPhone and Android mobiles. How it works is the monitor is hooked up on your home Wi-Fi network, which from there gives you access to your Smartphone as a receiver.

There is a downside though. You’re unable to work on other tasks on your mobile while using the monitor. ¬†You also must leave a mobile device at home with your nanny. There’s no access to the web on a computer, so you must go through the app and have good Wi-Fi service at your house in order for the camera to keep working.

There are also many positives about this new device. You’re able to watch you child from any location in the world as long as you have access to you Smartphone. A cute perk is that you’re able to play lullabies and speak into the phones camera and your baby will be able to hear your voice. To be cautious, there are also alerts you can set up for motion, noise and temperature in the room. Parents are also able to capture pictures from the monitor from your video feed, so you can save memories.

This is a great device especially for working parents.

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