Apple’s New Patent will Improve Touch Screens

apple touch screen patent

Apple has applied for a patent that will allow the iPad to pick up on more gestures and touch inputs including pressure, location and movement. 

Earlier in the month, Apple applied for a patent for pressure sensors in the trackpads of their MacBook’s, now it appears that the same patent has been filed for the iPad.

The latest patent application by Apple titled, ‘Gesture and Touch Input Detection Through Force Sensing’, shows that iPads will be fixed with three force sensors that sit underneath the devices display or bezel. The force sensors will then used to allow gesture based controls as well as improving the accuracy of the touch screen.

The new technology will allow you to rest your fingers on the screen without activating any buttons or commands by learning your touch and the amount of pressure. It may also allow you to command more movements on the screen by swiping and tapping.

While it is unknown when Apple will be implementing this new touch screen technology, it could be part of bigger picture for a new project or the latest version of the iPad.

Back in 2011, Apple applied for patent for a Stylus or iPen and many are speculating that the new touch screen sensors will be used in conjunction with the iPen.

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