Apples Latest Patent Adjusts Security Settings Based on Location

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Apple has filed a patent application titled, “Location-sensitive security levels and setting profiles based on detected location.”

This new patent will mean that Apple users could have the option to change their security settings depending on their location.

According to the patent, the software has the ability to automatically adjust the hardware and security settings based on a location. For example , users can set up their device to request for a passcode in public areas, but then deactivate it when in the home.

The device will detect a location through mobile data, Wi-Fi connection, GPS and Bluetooth.

The patent also reveals a capability for the device to determine how secure the surroundings are based on the Wi-Fi connection. This means that even if the user is at home, the phone will still ask for a passcode if the device recognizes an insecure connection.

Users will also be able to set up individual security functions for some apps and will be able to disable apps in particular locations.

The patent by Apple was first filed in 2012.

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