Detect Calories, Chemicals and More with a Digital Scanner

scio scanner

Imagine being able to test the chemical make up of your foods, medicines and cosmetics using your smartphone?

Dror Sharon, an Israeli inventor and MIT graduate has come up with a way to measure the chemical composition of certain products using a scanner.

Called SCiO, the scanner is designed to detect calories, contaminated foods, the purity of a drug, the health of a plant and much more.

“We wanted to find applications where people have the most visceral connection to the world,” said Sharon, CEO and co-founder of Consumer Physics.

The scanner is essentially an infrared spectrometer, about the size of a thumb drive and can be used by simply pointing and clicking a miniature digital wand. The data is then streamed to your smartphone.

Basically, the wand is like a quicker and faster Google, according to Sharon, where you just point and then know everything that is in the product.

“I think it will change the world in many ways,” continued Sharon, stating that the device could have potential uses for monitoring car tires, fuel tanks, soil analysis and the human body.

Sharon has raised over $2 million from over 11,000 supporters on Kickstarter and is hoping to have a finished product by the end of the year.

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