Apple Purchases Social Mapping Service Spotsetter


Apple has purchased the map service, Spotsetter in order to compete with Google Maps.

Spotsetter was designed by former Google Maps engineer, Stephen Tse and Johnny Lee, a former Samsung consultant.

What sets Spotsetter apart from other map services is that it takes recommendations and reviews from friends in order to create a personalized social map that caters to individual users.

Spotsetter can be synced with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to help formulate recommendations and reviews.

Starting with $1.3 million in funding, Spotsetter became of top interest to Apple however, it is not yet clear how much Apple offered the mapping company.

Social mapping is becoming more and more popular with sites like Facebook and Four square adopting similar review and socialized mapping services.

This is the first social mapping service that Apple has purchased and it appears that the company is looking to provide something unique in comparison to Google Maps, which is currently the most widely used map program.

Apple has long struggled with their mapping services but perhaps with Spotsetter they may have an advantage.


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