The Number One Browser in the US is?

google search bar

The battle of the browser is on and it has just been announced that Google’s Chrome has become the number one internet browser used in the US.

Microsofts Internet Explorer has been dropped from it’s title of number one internet browser in the US as Google’s Chrome takes the lead.

Currently Chrome makes up around 31.8 percent of the market whereas Internet Explorer sits at 30.9 percent, a small margin but enough to make a huge impact.

Apple’s Safari currently ranks at around 25 percent share whereas Firefox sits at around 9 percent.

So, what does this mean for Google?

Tamara Gaffney, a principal analyst states, “control of the browser gives Google an even greater role in consumers lives. Not only do the Chrome and Android browsers both default to Google search, but with their Gmai and Google+ extensions, consumers are spending more and more time signed into Google’s ecosystem.”

The data for the report was collected by Adobe Analytics which detected the browsers for 17 billion visits to 10,000 US consumer facing web sites back in April 2014.


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