Apple Plans New iPad Launch


Apple Plans New iPad Launch

If releasing the new iPhone wasn’t enough, Apple is planning to set the stage for their latest iPad as well.

The tablet market has been struggling this year, partly due to the fact that once you own a tablet, you usually don’t want to buy another even if there is an upgrade, and many are switching out their tablets for bigger phones.

Despite this downward trend, Apple has decided to launch two new iPads in the coming weeks however, its unclear if it will just be an upgrade to their existing devices, or something completely new.

Around this time last year, Apple released their new iPad Air and the iPad Mini retina display so it seems only fitting that the company will release a new version soon.

One thing is for sure about the new iPads, they will probably come with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and faster processors.

While both the iPhone and the iPads are getting upgrades this year, MacBooks are not expected to follow as sources cite delays for the new processors.

It has been stated however that the MacBook Air laptop will be upgraded by mid- 2015 with a new retina display and the option of Apple’s signature colors- slate gray, silver and gold.

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