Apple Pay vs. PayPal

apple pay

The results are in and Apple Pay has been put up against PayPal. Who will win? Who will lose?

PayPal has long held the monopoly on online payments but now with Apple Pay in the mix, it seems only fair that we put the two head to head to see who is the fairest of them all.

Here are the categories we evaluated:

Easy Access: Everyone wants to be able to access their money and transfers easily, here are how the two contenders stacked up:

PayPal is definitely easier to use, maybe its because we are more used to the functions however, the main deciding factor was that Apple Pay is exclusive to iOS whereas Paypal is universal.

Winner: Paypal

Easy Use: How easy is it to use these apps to make a purchase?

Paypal requires you to open the app, find the store and check in, whereas with Apple Pay all you have to do is position your phone between the payment point at the store and touch your finger to the sensor. With one vibration, your transaction is successful.

Winner: Apple Pay

Security: Security is definitely a ruling factor when it comes to which payment service is best.

Paypal stores personal information like credit card numbers and addresses on their system. Even though they promise that its heavily guarded, nothing on the internet is really ever safe.

When it comes to Apple pay, merchants do not see any information and your credit card details are given a unique device number which is encrypted. When its time to make a purchase, rather than using your credit card number, the device account number is used instead. Apple also has no idea what you are purchasing and also offers a point system. The only way someone can access your Apple Pay information is if your phone is lost, but even then you can wipe it completely from another device.

Winner: Apple Pay

So while it seems that PayPal is easier to access, it may only be a matter of time before Apple Pay dominates.


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