Apple China Facility Violates Health and Safety of Employees

apple china

It’s no secret that working for Apple can be both gruelling and rewarding however, the company has come under fire after a facility in China was found to be violating safety and pay rules.

Despite Apple promising that it was working to improve conditions for those working in China, two activist groups have revealed that workers have been complaining about wage, safety and environmental conditions.

The violations occurred at Catcher’s Technology facility in China and are believed to be due to the upcoming release of both the new iPhone 6 and the iWatch.

While Apple has claimed that they are looking into the situation by sending supervisors, but an initial investigation found that  workers were exceeding over 100 hours per month in over time hours. To put it into perspective, the legal limit is only 36 hours per month.

Also, nearly 20,000 employees failed to receive a pay check and some workers failed to receive protective gear.

The investigation also revealed that the fire escapes and exits were blocked and that the workshops were not properly cleaned.

Apple continues to defend their facility by stating that it averages 95 percent compliance.

Investigations are still pending.

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