Apple Accepting Orders On Unlocked GSM iPhone 5s Phones

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Apple Accepting Orders On Unlocked GSM iPhone 5s Phones

Beginning on Friday Apple will start accepting orders for unlocked GSM iPhone 5s phones.

This means that you can bring your own sim from any provider and not have to unlock the device if you are a previous AT&T, T-Mobile, etc customer.

Apple had been adamantly against doing this for quite some time and the company despite consumer desire to buy the unlocked phones wouldn’t sell them. For the longest time consumers had to buy an AT&T or otherwise type of phone and have it unlocked.

This resulted in the creation of a huge underground “unlocked phone” marketplace, where people would sell unlocked phones at a premium. Another thing that would happen is that companies were formed around the model of unlocking phones that were previously purchased from AT&T or another service that were locked to that carrier. The underground hack community would provide these services to unlock the phones, and many people have created large businesses based on the concept of unlocking phones alone.


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