Google Experiments with 3D Tablets

project tango

Holographic technology is still about a decade away so until then, we may have to make do with 3D technology instead.

Reports are in that Google is planning to develop a new 7 inch tablet that can capture and showcase 3D images and videos.

The tech giant plans to produce around 4,000 prototypes beginning next month which have been nicknamed “Project Tango.”

The tablets are set to come equipped with two back cameras, infrared depth sensors and advanced software that allows the tablet to capture precise 3D images of an object.

It does this by tracking the full 3D motion of the device as you hold it while simultaneously creating a map of the environment that surrounds it.

Google is yet to comment on the technology but it appears that if all the testing goes to plan, 3D technology could become a part of most Android devices.

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