Xiaomi appeared in POCOPHONE videosu!

The first time Xiaomi has gone out of his way POCOPHO to With a video again on our agenda. Well Xiaomi POCOPHONE What does it offer us? Let’s take a look together.

What are Xiaomi POCOPHONE features?

For the first time during the certification period the Xiaomimi the new mysterious model was captured for the first time with a camera. beryllium code named Xiaomi POCOPHO to, Xiaomi Mi 8 with similarities and distinctive spots in the world.

First, when we look at the design from the front, we see the notched design we are used to when we look at it from the front. Xiaomi Mi 8 There is a difference in the rear panel as well as the front panel which is very similar to the front panel.

The camera installation on the back, Galaxy S9 located in the upper middle as it is in the family. It is not clear whether the video camera with a very low image quality is a dual camera. But now that we think it has become a standard, we can say that there is no alternative.

When we look at the equipment Qualcomm the top-level processor in pocophone We see that it is used. Eight-core Snapdragon 845 In the model where the processor is used 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB internal storage.

Android 8.1 Oreo model you are working with MIUI 9 version does not escape the attention he uses. However, according to the release date of the model, MIUI 10 Let ‘s not say it’ s the possibility of dating.

Firstly India the price of the allegedly offered model will be $ 500 .

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