We fire the taxi driver by saying UBER!

The incident was moved to another dimension, rejoicing that the tension between the taxi drivers and Uber was decreasing to some extent. This time a person who attacked a taxi driver in Istanbul, We UBER will show you my son Uber “It was claimed to yell.

30 June night Karak√∂y / Maliye Avenue, the security camera images of the incident were broadcast. According to the witnesses’ statements, another vehicle approaching the taxi driver waiting for the downturn 3 hand fire opened.

We fired at the taxi driver by saying we were UBER!

While the minibus was moving away quickly, the taxi driver managed to get rid of it without getting injured. The taxi driver said that he was sitting in the car by opening the air conditioner because the weather was hot and he said he did not hear the outside because the music was clear.

Taxi driver stating that he approached the vehicle coming from the wrong side, “Something said. I do not know what it is. I opened the window. I did not understand, when he said to me, he shook the gun at me and said, “I have trouble and cursed.”

The taxi driver, who started to pursue the person who swore at the car because of the traffic jammed in the red lights you have to stop The report says. The driver indicated that the doors of the vehicle were locked, and said that he had fired two hands from the glass.

While investigating the incident, the living to security cameras reflect.

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