Apple raised everything! iPhone X flew!

Apple iPhone X , iPhone 8 , iPhone 8 Plus , Macbook Pro, Airpods, Apple Watch and all the products made a huge raise! Currently one of the most expensive devices on the market Apple iPhone X it may have become unapproachable with the last hike he received. iPhone X upgrade with a price tag of 7.500 TL will be sold now. This incredible price is valid for the standard 64 GB model. Apple raises rates it seems like a lot to talk about in the technology world.

iPhone X got a raise! It was 7.500 TL!

I Phone X normally From the price band of 5.200 TL He was waiting for his receivers. Even though it is seen as quite expensive by many people, the price of the device 2 thousand TL He took a raise on. This was an incredible price increase. Apple’s hike was expected to be long, but it was not predicted that the price would be so high.

256 GB Model is almost 9 thousand TL ‘ officially frightens the price. The price of this model was determined as TL 8.599.

Apple raised a raise on top!

Moreover, the only affected product was not iPhone X. Other products that have increased prices in an amazing manner are as follows:

The starting price of the iPhone 8 is the old price of the iPhone X! The 64 GB standard version of the device is now 5.199 TL.

iPhone 8 Plus $ 5.899 It was.

While the new Macbook models are hurting their prices, the standard and cheapest Macbook Pro (13) is now $ 6.200 not, $ 7.699 Will begin.

The new 15-inch Macbook Pros, however, 40 thousand TL They have a feather like.

Apple Watch $ 1.999 It was.

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