Wishbone smart thermometer for iPhone/Android is a no contact thermometer

wishbone thermometer

It’s not uncommon for parents to have a tough time taking body temperature of their children when they’re down with fever. Conventional thermometers require them to be kept still for a certain span of time before they provide accurate results and that’s very difficult when you’re doing it repeatedly with an infant.

Wishbone’s new project on KickStarter aims to make life easy by releasing the first smart thermometer that can record temperature of a person or an object without being in contact with it. The thermometer can accurately detect body temperature in under two seconds. Using the compatible app, users will also be able to store historical data which can be viewed at a later date for analysis and reference.

wishbone thermometer 3

The unique Y shape design makes it very convenient to use and has been made so after taking feedback from users and several experiments. That’s been done so that you can also view the temperature on the phone’s screen while capturing it. A 45 degree tilt is the most┬ánatural viewing angle for human eyes,┬ámaking it much easier to operate.

The thermometer draws its power from the audio jack of your phone, making it compatible with most of the devices available in the market. For phones that still have issues, there’s a built in battery as well.

wishbone thermometer 2

The infra red sensor can record temperatures off the surface of liquids, human body temperature (both adults and babies). For best use, the thermometer needs to be 5cm away from the surface. You can also record ambient temperature using the thermometer. It works best between temperatures ranging from 0-100 degree Celsius.

You can get one for an affordable price of $26. More details here.

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