What does Google think of The Internship movie?

the internship

What does Google think of The Internship movie?

According to one Google employee, most of the Google employees have a similar thought behind the movie The Internship.

The common thought is “meh..”

In internet slang this means, “eh, doesn’t sound too interesting…” even “boring”.

The reason for this is no surprise. The screenplay which was written by Vince Vaughn himself is to sure to impress and give lots of laughs to people that are not familiar with startup,¬†entrepreneurial¬†and Google like cultures, that’s for sure. To their credit, this is 95% of their audience. They aren’t trying to market it to tech nerds, more-so people that aren’t familiar with the culture.

If you were familiar with the Google like corporate culture, then it probably wouldn’t be so funny to you because the very things that they make fun of and poke at it in the movie are what you do on a daily basis. It’s fun things to you, but not “funny” in a sense that they could base a whole movie on it that would be appealing to you.

So, if you are in the Google like corporate world, you probably won’t find it funny. If you are anyone else and don’t know the culture, you might just find it pretty funny.


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