For those just looking for performance: Ariel Atom 4

Ariel has an iconic design loyal to the original and a much stronger minimal car it is in the case. For those who are looking for performance from design in peace Ariel Atom 4 .

320 horsepower Ariel Atom 4 with Honda Type R turbo engine!

As for asphalt Formula 1 Ariel Atom 4 with the look of a car 320 horsepower in power Honda Type R turbo engine he is buying. I can tell you that the car shows crazy performance figures with this engine. Atom 4 only 2.8 seconds at the hour 100 miles it can speed up. When you pedal the gas pedal, 160 miles level 6.8 seconds It is also possible to exit.

With the new engine, a larger diameter pipe frame is also used in the car. The suspension and steering are also completely revamped, making Ariel 4 one step ahead of the road grip capability that is already quite strong. The brakes and cooling system also manage the upgraded vehicle better than the new engine. For aerodynamic development, attention is drawn to the fact that the vehicle is also updated on the hood.

Ariel Atom 4

Seats and ergonomics are now available in more developed vehicles. The new model is meant to be easy for two adults to sit on, the indicators and electronics are completely new. With the new grip and run controls, the panel is much more F1-style.

The deliveries of the vehicle, which will start production later this year In spring 2019 It will be held. The price of the car is approximately $ 58 thousand .

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