Want to Switch to Mac? Apple Makes it $200 Easier

buying a mac

They say that “once you go Mac, you never go back” and now it seems that Apple is offering users the opportunity to test out an entry level iMac for cheaper.

Apple have launched a cheaper iMac model today for just $1,099 which is around $200 cheaper than their most basic  model.

The new iMac is being launched in stores and online and comes with a 1.4 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor and has Intel HD 5000 graphics and a 500GB hard drive.

These specs are significantly lower than what was offered in the previous basic iMac version however, Apple is trying to now cater to a different type of customer.

Mac has very much been adopted by the younger generation but those who didn’t grow up around computers tend to favor using Microsofts’ PC.

The significant price difference between some PC’s and Macs is definitely noticeable and for those just looking for a basic computer, it’s hard to justify paying Apple’s price tag.

While $200 cheaper is not as significant as it could be, Apple is hoping to reach out to customers who are looking to make the PC to MAC switch as painless as possible.

Apple touts that the new iMac is “the perfect entry level Mac desktop”.

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