Verizon Fights Back by Dropping Netflix Speeds


Netflix speeds have been slow due to an arising feud with Verizon.

Streaming speed for Verizon Netflix users has dropped by 14 percent in the last 30 days leaving users constantly waiting for videos to load and unable to watch in HD.

The feud all started after Verizon began demanding a higher payment from Netflix due to the increasing number of people using the service.

When you stream a video through Netflix on your TV or computer, the video travels through several bandwith companies to get to you. Netflix then has deals with the bandwith companies where they agree to carry each other’s traffic. Netflix however has been taking up a lot of traffic and now Verizon and other companies are demanding that the company pays more money.

Netflix has been waging this war with Verizon and other providers for a few months now and while a deal is trying to be hashed out, it seems that an agreement has not yet been reach.

Frustrated with this, Verizon has started slowing Netflix speeds, putting more pressure on the company to make a deal.

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