Ubers For Everything

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Ubers For Everything

Since the launch of “Uber” in San Francisco a few years ago, there have been a number of startups providing on demand services for virtually anything you can think of: dog walking, laundry and now flowers.

Yes, now you can have flowers delivered anywhere you want in San Francisco within 90 minutes.

90 minutes and you’ll have any bouquet that you want delivered right to your door steps.

You pickĀ one of four bouquets or a succulent, which cost $35, submit your billing details and a destination. Voila! About 90 minutes later, a courier will show up at the desired point bearing a bouquet in a burlap sack. The photo below is of an actual bouquet of dahlias I had delivered a few days ago.

Who knows what will be next in similar Uber types startups. Perhaps soon you can get a person to hand pick your groceries and deliver them for you without going direct to one of the home delivery grocery store sites.

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