Startups Don’t Care That Android Is Better?

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Startups Don’t Care That Android Is Better?

Buzz on the net today is that startups don’t care that Android is better.

Most companies out there are “iOS first”, which considering the much larger market share of Android, is a pretty big mistake.

However, there is some debate about iOS first. In theory there are more specific demographics that are iOS vs Andriod which have a wider spread demographic.

The theory is that if you are targeting a laser targeted group / demographic on iOS and you know that’s your market, even if it’s a smaller overall market share still doesn’t make it a bad idea to not target Android first.

What’s very interesting is that most iOS apps are not all that “customizable” and in comparison most of the top Android apps on the top charts, are apps that let you tweak, customize and overall modify the very core way that you interact with the app.


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