How to Trade in your Old iPhone for the Best Deal

how to trade in your old iphone

Craigslist? eBay? Verizon?

There are many ways to sell your old iPhone however we have broken it all down for you so you can be sure that you are getting the best deal in town.

Verizon/ AT&T: If you are with either Verizon or AT &T it may make sense for you to sell your old iPhone to them. They are both offering a $300 credit towards the new iPone 6 if you trade in an iPhone 5S and $200 trade in for an iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5C as long as its in good condition.

Sprint: is offering at least $200 for an iPhone traded in on their site by using the promo code, “iPhone 6” however, there are much better deals out there, especially if you have the iPhone 5s.

T-Mobile: one of the most competitive iPhone buy back options comes from the smallest carrier. T-Mobile not only promises to beat any other offer made by a rival carrier they are also offering to pay the difference to the customer. Customers will also get an additional $50 credit if they find a better deal. This offer runs until September 17.

Apple: has partnered with a trade in company called Brightstar which will take your old iPhone in exchange for an Apple Store gift card which you can use to purchase the new iPhone or apps. Apple is offering up to $310 for an iPhone 5s.

Gamestop: is also offering in store credit in exchange for iPhones. Expect to receive around $319 for an iPhone 5s. If you don’t want store credit you can also put it towards a $255 cash credit for a Verizon iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

Best Buy: is offering their own trade in program and will fork out around $335 in gift cards for an iPhone 5s.

Target: is also offering a $292.50 gift card for an iPhone 5s and the convenient thing is that you can do it right in store rather than having to send in your iPhone and do it online.

Staples: customers will be eligible for a $50 credit when they trade in their smartphone and is offering around $225 for a good condition iPhone 5s. Those who trade in a Verizon phone however, will receive a $200 Staples gift card which of course can be used to purchase the new iPhone.

Amazon: is offering up to $400 for an iPhone 5s by way of gift card.

Gazelle: is offering around $315 for an iPhone 5s in good condition

eBay: the going rate on eBay is around $339 for an iPhone 5s 16GB and the 64GB could fetch up to $440. Worried it wont sell? eBay is also offering a $100 coupon if your iPhone 4 or beyond does not sell after 5 days.

Craigslist: While prices vary, an iPhone 5s in good condition could fetch you around $300 or more. Have an unlocked phone? You could get close to $600 depending on it’s condition.

Just remember, no matter where you trade in your iPhone you should always back it up and wipe all data off the device before handing it in. Also, be mindful of scams or deals that sound too good to be true.

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