Tim Cook Slams Anti-Environmental Shareholders

tim cook

At a recent shareholders meeting, Tim Cook began defending Apple’s environmental policy, telling shareholders to “get out of the stock” if they weren’t going to support climate change strategies. 

Cook has declared that Apple does not always make decisions based on profitability- “when we work on making our devices accessible by the blind,” said Cook, “I don’t consider the bloody ROI (return of investment).”

The Apple CEO then continued to say that those only interested in ROI should “get out of the stock.” In fact, a statement was released saying that Cook had told those investors to “drop dead”.

Since becoming CEO, Cook has made some considerable strides in helping the environment such as employing renewable energy sources and cutting out the use of conflict materials. They have also address the labor conditions in their Chinese manufacturing plants and just last week they challenged the anti-gay bill present in Arizona, where a new Apple plant is being built.

In the latest financial report, Apple has recorded $13 billion in profits over the last quarter of 2013. Our guess is, those shareholders are staying put.

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