The Uber Empire Expands Out to Google Maps and Child Car Seats

uber family

Uber, the tech savvy car service which is making waves in the transportation arena, have just introduced car seats for children and new tracking capabilities through Google Maps- could it get any better?

Uber is continuing to up it’s game by introducing a range of new services including car seats for children.

Called, uberFAMILY, those needing a ride will be able to now transport their kids in safe car seats for an extra $10.

While the service is set to begin rolling out just in New York, Uber is hoping to extend it to other areas if it proves to be popular.

In order to ensure safety, Uber recruited their top drivers and teamed with Dr. Alisa Baer who is know as the “car seat lady.”

Dr. Baer designed an exclusive car sear for Uber which drivers will carry around in their trunk and then install when needed. All the drivers have been rigorously tested and shown how to safely install the seat.

To test out the UberFAMILY function, users need to request UberBLACK services and then apply the promo code “FAMILY”.

This new car seat announcement is definitely going to change the face of the taxi and car service industry in New York and in other big cities around the country.

Before there was no real competition for taxi drivers but now, with Uber on the scene, consumers are becoming much more savvier when it comes to getting around.

Google has also noticed the rising Uber empire and have started a tracking service that allows users to map Uber cars.

Starting as a humble app, Uber is now offered in multiple countries around the world and is continuing to expand. With very little competition, there is no doubt that Uber is destined to dominate.

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