The Future that Google’s Self Driving Cars will Bring

self driving car

Google’s new self driving cars have been creating quite a buzz across the internet with many speculating on what they may mean for the future.

General Motors CEO has announced that the cars pose a significant threat to their industry whereas others claim that Google cars could lead to more densely populated cities.

Google’s mission with their self-driving cars is to make them more efficient than human drivers.

Because of the technology, the cars created can be smaller and roads could be made smaller which means that cities could be increased up to four times.

Brian Wang, at Next Big Future claims that with self driving cars, cities could accommodate people’s transportation needs without a major redesign of infrastructure, saving everyone money and time.

While Google’s self driving cars are probably a decade away from becoming the norm, the test vehicles have driven a total of 700,000 road miles with no complications.

Google is now testing their cars under more advanced driving conditions such as when there are pedestrians or bicyclists.

There is no doubt that self driving cars will definitely make the future a better, safer place.


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