Technology Giants Samsung, Intel and Telephonica Invest in Expect Labs, A Voice Recognition Company


Intel Capital, Samsung and Telefonica Digital have all just invested in the speech analysis company, Expect Labs in the hope of developing state of the art voice recognition technology.

With speech recognition becoming more and more popular and virtual assistants such as Siri become mandatory for most smartphones, technology giants are racing to have the best of the best.

Expert Labs CEO, Timothy Turtle suggests that their technology will allow smart phones and devices to “know who we are, understand what we say and be far more capable of interpreting our intentions and anticipating our needs”.

Expert Labs has already launched MindMeld, an app that can analyze a conversation and automatically display relevant pictures, articles and videos. It is currently available on the iPad and will soon be available on Android compatible products.

This new investment for the company will allow the technology to expand and develop more rapidly. The company stated we hope to create “new types of intelligent, voice driven and context aware applications for smartphones, tablets and smart TV’s.”

While Samsung, Intel and Telephonica are new investors in the company, previous investors have included Google and IDG Ventures.

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