Google Launches Their Version of Siri on Apple Products


Google has released its’ version of Siri, ‘Google Now’, a virtual assistant that is now available on the iPhone and iPad after being exclusive to Android for the last nine months. 

“Its been on Android for a while now, but we want to bring out products to all of our users, in more or less the same way,” stated Google’s Android product management director, Baris Gultekin.

With Google Now, you no longer have to type in the search query, you can merely speak to the ‘assistant’ and automatically be redirected to the page that you need.

“We talk about it as the assistant that gives you information throughout the day, without you having to ask. It fits broadly into our strategy we want computers to do the hard work so users can focus on what matters in their life,” stated Gultekin.

Ask Siri how she feels about the competition? She merely replies, “if its all the same to you, I’d rather Google later.”


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