Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Websites Around the World

syrian electronic army

A number of sites around the world have been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), however no data has been compromised. 

Sites using the popular Gigya comment platform have been attacked by the SEA resulting in users being sent to different domains where they were sent messages by the SEA.

Some of these messages included- “You have been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army.”

The Gigya platform itself was not hacked but the DNS entry on sites run by GoDaddy were compromised.

“Neither Gigya’s platform itself nor any user, administrator or operational data has been comprised and was never at risk of being compromised. Rather the attack only served other JavaScript files instead of those served by Gigya.,” stated CEO of Gigya, Patrick Salyer.

According to GoDaddy and Gigya, the issue has now been rectified.

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