Sproutling The New Wearable Device for Babies


Imagine a device that was able to predict your newborn baby’s behaviour and provide insights into their sleeping patterns, mood and vital signs?

That is exactly what the team at Sproutling have come up with in the form of a wearable monitor.

While wearables are becoming increasingly popular for adults and those looking to get fit, it seems that this company has taken the technology in a whole new direction.

The system developed by Sproutling comes in three different parts: a wearable band that goes on the baby’s ankle, a wireless smart charger and a mobile app.

The band sits on the baby’s ankle and has an attached sensor which collects data such as heart rate, temperature, motion and even position. The ankle band then learns the baby’s habits and behaviour.

The app then alerts parents as to when their baby is about to get up, or what mood they are in.

Sproutling of course was developed by two new parents, Chris Bruce and Mathew Spolin back in 2012 and now the product is making its debut.

The system is currently available to be preordered for $249 and is expected to ship in 2015.

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