Sookasa Startup Raises $5M for Cloud Encyrption Software

cloud compliance

A new startup, Sookasa has raised over $5 million dollars to launch a tool that allows secure, easy sharing of files among cloud storage services.

Sookasa automatically encrypts files in Dropbox or other cloud services and places them in a secure Sookasa folder. From the folder, the secure file can then be transferred to another storage system or shared with other users.

In order to block certain files, from employees for example, administrators can easily select the accessibility status and also block access when a device is off a network.

Based in San Mateo, California, the young startup received a $5 million investment from Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowtiz and First Round Capital.

“Sookasa is a uniquely position at the junction of cloud and mobile security,” stated Sameer Gandhi, a partner at Aceel and board member of Sookasa.

It is hoped that the software will stop data breaches that occur when a laptop or flash drive is stolen and will allow users to meet the standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) which aims to secure health and education data.

“Sookasa enables HIPAA-compliant file sharing and has secured a $5 million investment,” tweeted the company.

“Sookasa is an example of a shift in secure data transfer from on-premises servers and desktops to cloud services and mobile devices,” stated the CEO, Asaf Cidon.

Sookasa plans to roll out their Cloud Compliance Service this month.


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