Sleev protects your iPhone’s lightning cable from breaking at the ends

Sleev protects your iPhone's lightning cable from breaking at the ends

Almost all iPhone (5, 5s/5c, 6 and P Plus) and iPad owners have had to buy one or more multiple lightning cable in their lifetime, since no matter how well you take care of them, they don’t really last very long. And had it been just any other phone, it wouldn’t have been as bothering, but with the extra price tag that the lightning cable commands, it’s not a very pleasing sight.

Instead of spending a lot of cash on new cables (which by the won’t last long either) why not make sure that your current cable makes the journey? Lightning cable tends to break at the ends, where it is subject to maximum bending and stress. It wouldn’t be wrong to call these points the Achilles’ heel of the entire cable and if this part on the wire can somehow be strengthened, your phone cable could live as long as your phone if not outlast it.

Sleev is a very simple product that addresses this exact problem. The little tube covers the joints on the cable and reinforce it. Once you wrap it around the joint and heat it a little using a lighter, the little devil becomes rigid and protects stresses due to bending in that part. Although that doesn’t really make the cable impregnable since the part of the wire that becomes naked immediately where Sleev ends becomes the next weak link in the chain.

However, at $4 a pair, Sleev will certainly extend the life of your lightning cable. We don’t see why it shouldn’t be used unless you’re a fan of routinely buying new cable. It can even be used on microUSB cables used on other devices, but they can be purchased brand new for a similar price, if the original gets broken.

The project is now successfully closed on KickStarter after raising four times the target amount.


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