Sharks Bite Back at Google’s Underwater Cables


While the modern world appreciates Google’s internet cables, it seems that the sharks on the bottom of the ocean are far from thrilled about it.

Google has run into some issues with their underwater cables as sharks keep biting into them, perhaps in an attempt to tell the tech giant that they are not happy having them in their home.

Google’s fiber optic cable network spans more than 100,000 miles around the world and run underwater in some areas. While underwater cables have been around since the 1980’s it seems that they cause some disturbance to sharks.

One theory is that the sharks are attracted to the electromagnetic signals that the cables give off, and that they mistake the cables for fish.

Instead of respecting the sharks and their clear frustration with the cables, Google has decided to reinforce all their underwater cables to prevent damage.

While its not clear how much damage the sharks have caused, Google has announced that they are reinforcing the cables with a Kevlar based material.

Google’s fiber optic cable system is set to be up and running across America next year.

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