Americans Ditch Cable TV for the Internet


For the first time in history, cable companies have more internet than TV subscribers.

Americans have been ditching their TV cable provider for online content streaming services such as Netflix, causing cable companies to reach an all time low in TV subscriptions.

A recent report has found that nearly 15,000 customers have ditched their TV cable service in the second quarter of 2014, bringing the total customers subscribed to broadband higher than TV customers.

Despite the fact that cable companies are loosing TV subscribers, cable TV still remains the most lucrative as it brings in a greater revenue stream. In fact, bundled services give the highest profits for cable companies.

While the disparity between broadband and TV customers remains on the low side, it seems that this is definitely the way of the future as more and more content is offered through the internet.

In order to keep up with growing trends, the big cable companies are going to need to come up with a competitive edge to lure customers way from the cheaper content streaming services.

On the flip side, cable companies have also begun raising the price of the internet. One report found that there was a 20% increase to internet prices over the last two years.

As more customers rely on the internet, rising costs seem only inevitable.

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