Samsung To Launch Resilient Galaxy S4 This Summer


Samsung has plans to launch durable, rust, dust, and water proof Galaxy S4 this summer.

The new S4 is supposed to be the superman of S4s. Powerful and durable with environmental superpowers. Samsung has always been a leader inĀ capitalizingĀ on a market need, and this will be no exception.

The durable rugged S4 will take the flagship brand in a new direction. Google’s Larry Page has referenced Samsung’s phones and said that when you drop a phone, it shouldn’t break. It seems to make sense, and now Samsung is on board to go after that market need.

Samsung and Google has an interesting, somewhat complex relationship. Samsung went out of it’s way to highlight it’s own software on this one, and have no mention of Android or anything else.

The rugged version of the S4 will attract lucrative military and government contracts for Samsung on top of a mostly untapped market of durable phone customers.

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