Samsung Memo Reveals Beating Apple as Number One Priority

samsung vs apple

Internal documents leaked from Samsung have revealed that the companies number one priority is triumphing over Apple.

A memo titled “2011 Summary and Lessons Learned 2012 Business Forecast” leaked from Samsung revealed that “beating Apple is a #1 priority” for the company.

Some of the strategies outlined in the document revealed that Samsung will develop a strong branding scheme for it’s smartphones and that it would progress their models to offer competing technology and the latest upgrades.

The memo also offered projections of Apple sales, which were grossly underreported, and stressed the need to understand why consumers buy Apple.

In recent years, Samsung has risen to be an equal contender with Apple however, it seems that Apple still manages to hold most of the smartphone market.

While Samsung and Apple battle in numerous law suits against each other totalling well over $2 billion, the latest trial also revealed documents from Apple stating their concern for Samsung’s popularity.

“Something has to change. Fast,” read an email by Phil Schiller, head of marketing for Apple. “I watched the Samsung Super Bowl ad that launched today, it’s pretty good,” he continued.

The battle between the two rivals is only set to thicken with both companies striving for the number one spot.

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