Samsung Claims the $2.19B Lawsuit with Apple is an Insult

samsung vs apple

The legal dispute between Samsung and Apple continues with Samsung declaring that the $2.19 billion price tag for Apple patents is too high and an insult to jurors.

Samsung stated that Apples patent infringement claims of $2.19 billion are 57 times are higher than what Samsung should pay if the jury finds them guilty of copyright.

Samsung called on a Yale University businesses professor, Judith Chevalier to stand before the jury during the court proceedings. Chevailer stated that realistically, Apple should only charge 35c per phone not $40 per phone.

Chevalier’s testimony was then embellished by Samsung’s lawyer who continued to state that Apple was searching for a “gross exaggeration” of what they were owed and that the amount was an “insult” to the intelligence of the jurors.

“It is generally in the patentee’s best interest to present as large a figure as possible without appearing unreasonable, just as it is in the accused infringer’s best interest to present a figure as small as possible without appearing unreasonable,” Brian Love, a law professor at Santa Clara University, said in an interview. “On average, jury verdicts tend to fall very near the mid-point between the parties’ respective damages estimates.” 

Christopher Vellturo, an MIT consultant stated that Apple is seeking $2.19 billion due to the fact that there were two types of damages that were infringed upon including a loss of profits and royalties. Apple also stated that they should earn money on more than 37 million Samsung products that infringed on their patent.

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is the main target for the lawsuit as it breaches five of Apple’s patents however Samsung is also stating that Apple’s iPhone 5 infringes two of their patents.

This is not the first lawsuit between the two tech giants and it doesn’t seem like it will be the last either.


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