Ring Clock Makes Time Telling A Fashion Statement

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Ring Clock Makes Time Telling A Fashion Statement

“I never wore a watch on my wrist because I don’t like the feeling, but I like watches in general,” said Szikszai on Indiegogo. “So I used that opportunity to let my mind come up with something that I could wear, the Ring Clock.”

The Ring Clock is a very cool gadget that makes time telling fun and fashionable again.

The gadget is water resistant, and it comes with it’s own charging station that also looks very cool and futuristic.

The device lasts for a full week in a single charge, so you can go out of town and wear it all week with just that single charge. A fashion statement in a ring that is also a high tech device that tells time is quite interesting, at least to us.

However, it will be a difficult marketing task. We will soon see how it performs.


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