Reddit used by six percent of adults

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Reddit used by six percent of adults

Six percent of adults use Reddit. According to a recent survey conducted byPew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, the online message board is very popular today.The study further revealed that more men than women visit the site, with 15 percent of men aged between 18 and 29 being frequent users of Reddit.

The telephone survey interviewed 2252 adults, and is part of a larger effort to study the way Americans use the internet, and the effects of their browsing history on their lives.

The study also shows that Reddit is much less popular among older adults beyond the age of 50.

Reddit provides a platform for users to share photos as well stories and links, ranging from social to political themes and stories.

Users can get feedback and comments from other users.

This is an ideal platform for users to promote their businesses and ideas, while at the same time being able to socialize.

Recent happenings have brought a lot of attention to the site.

For example, -it is Reddit that helped disclose James Holmes’s identity, when he was being sought for shooting allegations in Aurora, Colorado.

Also, after the bombings during the Boston Marathon, Reddit users tried to conduct an amateur investigation into the bombings using photos that had been collected from the scene.

This investigation resulted into an outcry after many people were mistakenly linked to the bombings.

This forced Reddit to issue a public apology to the people who were wrongly identified as suspects.

Perhaps one of the most outstanding features of Reddit is the Ask Me Anything question and answer platform, which has featured big celebrities as well as politicians, including President Barrack Obama.

Reddit has grown very popular since it was launched in 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian and it has become one of the more influential social websites.

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