Radar Gun Detects if You are Texting and Driving

text and drive

Think your swift texting moves are tricking the cops? Well think again because now a new radar is being made that will not only detect speed but also if you are using a cell phone.

A company called ComSonics who specializes in handheld radar devices is working on a new device that will look like a radar gun but will also detect cell phone use.

This is the first time ComSonics is branching out into law enforcement radars as in the past they mainly made gadgets that would help cable companies detect signal leaks.

Currently the technology can detect when a person in the car is sending a text message however it cannot differ between whether it was the driver or the passenger.

While the company is confident that they can sort this “kink” out, it may still be a while before this new technology is introduced to law enforcement.

In the mean time, don’t text and drive!

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