Onaji Pawa Card Power Bank has a waist your phone would envy

Onaji Pawa Card Power Bank has a waist your phone would envy

Mobile devices, as their classification implies, are at their most useful when you are out and about.  They can provide you with facilities that you come to rely on where ever you are. However, despite the numerous advantages on offer, mobile devices can prove to be extremely annoying.  I am referring to the “lack of power” syndrome as you are faced by a “dead device” when attempting to make a call or download some vital information.

The Onaji Pawa Card is a super-slim battery charger for just about every smartphone or music player out there. It’s a slender battery, complete with USB cable (for charging the in-built battery) and an interesting three-port connector for plugging your iPad, iPhone or other smartphone into.

The Onaji Pawa Card is takes the chunkiness out of battery rechargers. It’s credit-card–sized in width and length, and about 65 percent as thin as the iPhone 5s or Galaxy S4. The Onaji Pawa Card’s dimensions are 92x58x4.9mm and weighs only 32 grams.

There are no straggling cables as everything — USB strip for charging the card, and connectors for most phones or music players — is built in to the lightweight card. It’s a very clever, neat design.

Of course, you are not going to get bags of reserve power out of this slim card, but its 500mAh battery will give you enough charge to get you home or to a friendly power source. Onaji claims it will give your phone up to a 30 percent charge – enough for most emergencies.

Along with its battery charging functionality, the Pawa Card has a couple of other features which might be useful in some circumstances. There’s even a little torch in case your emergency comes with the lights out. It’s not very powerful but it might come in useful one day.

At £19.99 the Onaji Pawa Card is good value. Slip it into your wallet and purse (in which it fits quite easily) and you can almost forget it’s there really.

Source: Onaji

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