Oculus Raises $75 Million for Virtual Reality Goggles


Oculus VR has raised nearly $75 million to help develop and market its virtual reality headset for video games. 

The California based startup, Oculus plans to use these funds to produce commercial versions of their reality glasses for video games called Oculus Rift.

The users simply strap the glasses around their heads to experience video games in a whole new way.

“We believe Oculus will not only alter the gaming landscape but will redefine fundamental human experiences in areas like film, education, architecture, and design,” head investor, Mark Andreessen said.

For years, analysts have doubted whether 3D virtual reality devices have the potential for success and now, Oculus is taking on the task of being one of the first companies to bring this software to the market.

Oculus introduced their 3D glasses after raising $2.4 million through a kickstarter campaign last year and since then, investors have been hanging to get a piece of the virtual reality pie.

The company has already sold 40,000 development kits however, in order to really bring in revenue, the company has to hit the regular consumer market.

In the past, Sony Corp attempted to bring out their own 3D goggles but they failed to generate interest amongst consumers.

Nintendo also attempted to release the goggles but quickly discontinued after poor sales.

Oculus however, is promising something totally new.

“We have been able to make this massive leap” to solve hardware and software challenges,” they said.


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