Now You Can Shop on Facebook

facebook logo

Got something to sell? Facebook is now testing a ‘buy button’, making it easier for businesses to sell products directly to customers. 

In an effort to help businesses boost sales and make advertising on Facebook more enticing, the social media giant has begun testing a “buy button” that allows consumers to purchase products straight from their feeds.

The new buy button will be featured at the bottom of sponsored ads and will allow users to make a purchase without having to even leave Facebook.

This is the latest move for Facebook, who has been expanding their advertising business by offering boosted posts, apps and now, a buy feature.

In the past, Facebook was viewed as a platform for businesses just to promote, but with this new ad feature, the social media site is set to become a major e-commerce company as well.

In 2013, Facebook accounted for 5.8% of the global digital ad spending and this year is expected to be even stronger with 7.8%.

While the buy button is still in testing stages, it won’t be long before Facebook becomes a shopping hub.


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