Did North Korea Hack Sony Over The Interview?

the interview

Law enforcement agencies in the US are investigating whether North Korea was behind the recent attack of Sony Pictures’ online network and the leak of five of their films.

North Korea is under close scrutiny after the recent attacks to Sony’s network. The attacks are believed to be instigated by the North Korean’s over Sony’s upcoming film, “The Interview” which is a comedy based on the assassination of the country’s leader, Kim Jong-Un.

North Korean media agencies have blasted the film, stating that it is a symbol of “desperation” from American society however, no direct evidence has been released that shows they were behind the hacks.

The attacks against Sony saw copies of five of their unreleased films, “Annie”, “Mr. Turner”, “Still Alice”, “Fury” ¬†and “To Write Love on Her Arms” leaked over the internet.

Hackers, G.O.P or Guardians of Peace, claimed responsibility for the hacks which started on November 24th.

It is not yet clear how wide spread the attack is but the “boss” of G.O.P reportedly emailed reporters with the stolen data stating, “We have much more interesting data than you know.”

The Interview stars Seth Rogen and James Franco and is scheduled for release on December 25th.

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