Mozilla Announces Sponsored Tabs Feature on FireFox


Mozilla has announced that sponsored tabs are now going to be making an appearance on Firefox.

The struggling web browser, Firefox is now going to come equipped with sponsored tabs which basically means that the once non-profit company will now be driven by advertisements.

Mozilla once boasted that it supported privacy rights and always listened to user feedback but now it seems that the company has taken a different approach, lending their web space to a slurry of advertisers.

The move comes as Firefox struggles to maintain popularity in the browser community with Chrome and Safari leading the way.

The tactic may be Mozilla’s last chance to keep the browser profitable.

VP of Mozilla, Johnathan Nightingale assured customers that despite the sponsored tabs, the advertisements will not be invasive and will offer different settings so users can control what they see.

With privacy being such a big concern today too, Mozilla has promised that users data will not be sold to advertising companies.

Sponsored tabs are set to be rolled out across the browser in the coming weeks as the company experiments to see what works.

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