Microsoft to Announced Office Suite for iPad

microsoft office

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella will begin unveiling his vision for the company as he announces a new version of Office for Apple’s iPad.

The popular Office suite will be made available for iPad users with limited capabilities which can then be upgraded for a higher cost.

Nadella is set to announce the plan in full later this month and the reason behind choosing to launch the software for competitors products.

The pressure is going to be on for Nadella who replaced Ballmer as the CEO and many are going to be watching to see what direction he takes the company.

Nadella has already announced that he is going to focus on Microsoft’s devices and cloud services to help “define Microsoft going forward.”

The Microsoft Build Confab event is also being held at the end of the month and Nadella is set to announce the new updated Windows Phone 8.1 and their new virtual assistant which is code-named Cortana.

The Office for iPad announcement however will not be made at the Microsoft conference.

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